About us

A great yacht deserves the right crew, with the correct skillset to best fit the yacht’s needs. Equally, great crew deserve the opportunity to use their knowledge and experience to the full.

Our dedicated crew service uses decades of experience, a vast network of contacts and thorough research to find the best candidates for each yacht and the right yacht for each crew member.

What we do

We aim to put together a team of like minded people who will work together towards a common goal for the safety, wellbeing and enjoyment of the yacht by owners and guests alike.

We are also here to advise and assist prospective candidates regarding further training and to find their niche within the yacht's crew conducive to their growth and advancement.

We place crew across the board including:

  • Captain
  • Chefs
  • Chief Officers
  • Chief Stewardesses
  • Chief Engineers
  • ETOs
  • Officers Of The Watch (OOW)
  • Interior Crew
  • Deck Crew
  • Specialist crew such as nannies, beauticians, personal trainers, masseurs, nurses, dive instructors

We also assist in putting together a full crew in conjunction with the owner, owner's representative or nominated yacht manager. Being superyacht crew is a career and a lifestyle. Delivering the right match is crucial to long-term motivation, loyalty and professional operations onboard. We are here to achieve this with you.

Meet the team

Sam Pott
Managing Director