In the first instance please register online and upload a full, detailed CV as a Microsoft Word attachment, complete with photograph and contact details for referees. Letters of reference should be scanned and uploaded as well as copies of your ENG 1, STCW Basic Safety training (STCW95/STCW 2010) certificates and any other maritime licences or certificates, including your highest qualification to date. For interior crew this should include any certificates in hospitality training (inc Food and Hygiene certificates), massage training etc.

N.B. Keep copies of the above saved electronically so that they are easy to access and send but be aware that you must have the ORIGINALS with you when you join a yacht!


Please keep your CV nice and clean and free from formatting blocks of colour/shading/columns etc. It is fine to have a smart presentation copy to take to interviews but for uploading to the various sites, it can become a problem. Be aware that, as Crew Agents, we have to brand each CV we send out to yachts/management companies. There are many different Agencies and Captains’ need to be able to distinguish which Agent sent him which CV. If your CV is heavily formatted, it is difficult to put our mark on it without it all going awry. Also be aware that your CV will be opened on many different programmes Mac/Windows 7-10 etc and they can also play havoc with formatting so that all that hard work at presentation actually has the opposite effect.

Each year, there are new fashions for CVs which are neither helpful nor correct. The one page CV (a current trend) may be economical for printing and handing out when dockwalking but unfortunately it is also very economical in terms of selling yourself. This is your marketing tool! Someone of your age should not be squeezing their life onto one page and invariably vital information is left out. Please include all your past experience whether it is yacht related or not. Split your experience between Yacht or Maritime Experience and Shorebased or Other Employment.Two pages is the ideal an example layout is shown below:


  • DO upload a Microsoft Word CV and...
  • ...NOT a PDF file (or similar)
  • DO name the file with your full name i.e. Sally Finbow CV doc. ....
  • ...NOT as This should also apply to all your certificates i.e. SallyFinbowY3licence
  • DO put your name and position sought in the subject line of any correspondence
  • DO NOT send your CV by email
  • DO go over your CV or get someone else to do so checking for errors/typos etc. You cannot claim that you have great attention to detail if your CV is littered with mistakes
  • DO be careful on social media - employers do check FB, Instagram etc, so keep your posts and email addresses professional.

All of the above points are of enormous help to us and therefore will help you too.

Once this is done, you will receive a confirmation email with your login details.

Where possible, a personal interview will be set up, ideally face to face or by telephone. This interview process - the “getting to know you” exercise - is very important if we are to find you that perfect job.

Once you are registered, it is extremely important to keep up the flow of information regarding changes in your situation. Please keep your file updated at all times if, for example, your contact details change, you change location, if you acquire new qualifications and, above all, if you are no longer available. Please check in online at least once a week to show that you are still actively looking for work and update your file if you become unavailable.

Should you wish to close your file and be permanently removed from our database, please inform us by email.

When a suitable position comes in we will let you know and give you as much detail as possible. Please do not discuss this with anyone else and understand that we have an obligation to the yacht to keep certain details confidential in the first instance. It is not unheard of for someone else to use the ‘hot tip’ they overheard in the bar or crew house and steal the job from under your and our nose.